Intruder Alarms

Intruder Alert Systems

Are you thinking about installing an intruder alert system?

Has your business or your properties ever been at risk from intruders or vandals?

Do you want to feel safe and secure in your own premises?

If you answered “Yes” to all these questions, then let MediaComs help you out. Our team of experienced and trained professionals can install your much needed intruder alert system that will fit your need.

The goal of the intruder alert system is to ensure that your home and property are well protected from unwanted visitors who can cause damage and chaos. The system is designed to respond to intrusion attempts with either a loud noise or bright lights and reporting the incident to the police authority.

Choosing an Intruder Alert System

An alarm system consists of a bell or a siren and a strobe light that is operated by a digital control panel or a key. There is also a motion detector that is installed in different areas of the premises.

Bells Only System.
It uses a siren or a bell to attract attention and is the most popular type of system. This type should follow the British Standard specification BS 4737.

Auto-dialler System.
Once the alarm gets activated, it will ring pre-programmed numbers to inform about the activation. You could either pre-program it to dial your number or your neighbor’s number. However, the police telephone number must never be added into the auto-dialler.

Monitored System.
This is somewhat similar to the Bells system. The only difference is that, no bells or sirens will be heard. Once the system is activated, it informs the central monitoring station so they can inform the police.

DIY System.
If you have experience in electronics and if you love doing DIY projects, there are DIY systems that are available in stores. You just have to make sure that the products you purchase conforms with the British Standard specification BS 6707.

Intruder Alert System Installation

Leave it to the hands of the experts who can install the security systems in your premises and ensure that everything is working properly. With MediaComs, your safety is our priority. Call us now for your intruder alert system installation.

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