Entry Phone System

Are you ready to install an entry phone system and take security to the next level? MediaComs can set up any security system that will best suit your property and your business.

An entry phone system is a system used to control visitor access. It is reliable and efficient in controlling the individuals who are entering or exiting the premises. What it does is it provides a two-way communication between someone at the entry point and someone who’s remotely located and with authority to provide access. This is often used in different properties such as flats, offices and other gated communities.

Kinds of Entry Phone System

There are several entry phone systems that you can select from depending on what you need and the kind of property you have.

Auto-dial Entry Phone System.
This kind of entry system has stored pre-programmed numbers that are dialed when someone presses a button on the device. Access is granted once the connection is made. However, if unanswered, it is capable of dialing a few backup numbers.

Home Visitor Entry Phone System.
This type of system is specifically designed for private residences. The advantage of installing this system is that it does not incur any additional phone charge. Residents can allow visitors to enter when they are home and when they are not, the system is capable of forwarding the request for access via the phone.

Multiple Residence Entry Phone System.
This set up is ideal for flats and office buildings. This involves a series of intercoms wherein the resident can grant access to a visitor by pressing a button on their phone after the communication is made.

Whether you need a very basic security system or a more complicated one, MediaComs is more than capable of setting that up with the help of our professionals. We’re just a phone call away.

At MediaComs, we take care of your entry phone system set up and installation. Contact us for more information.

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