A little while ago, Chris’s van was broken into. We know there are so many tradespeople with the same story – they park their vehicle outside their homes where they should feel safe, go to bed, and wake to find that the items they need to do their job are gone. Luckily for Chris, he’s managed to get the bits that he had taken back, but that wouldn’t have been the case without his CCTV set up. We can’t say any more because it’s a situation that the police are still dealing with, but you only have to look on Facebook and the Nextdoor App to feel that vehicle crime is on the increase – and you’d be right.

A report shared by the Office of National Statistics shows that car theft rose by 29% between September 2021 and 2022. The same report revealed a 14% rise in vehicle crime of all types, including theft of their contents – that’s 391,613 incidents over the past year (read more about this here).

Something that may bring you some comfort is knowing that the UK has 4million CCTV cameras, so there is a chance that someone, somewhere, will have seen something. But what if there aren’t any cameras in your street?

Prevention doesn’t have to be expensive
While a CCTV set up won’t stop someone from breaking into your vehicle or property, the sight of it can deter people from trying. While you may be thinking that the cost could be prohibitive, it’s worth balancing how much it may cost you if you do experience a break in. A CCTV system is also lower maintenance than a guard dog…

The initial outlay of CCTV is the main expense, but it doesn’t have to be an obstacle. There are options for every budget and ways to ensure that you can get the most out of your system. By having a system set up which has been created for your needs, you can ensure that you have every area covered and are alerted in a way that makes you comfortable, without breaking the bank.

What can CCTV do?
This may seem like a silly question, but CCTV today is often more advanced than many people think. Gone are the days of grainy images. You won’t be wondering if that was a dog or a cat outside, or be left trying to work out features of a passerby.

CCTV now comes with specialist features such as numberplate recognition and can pan and tilt to follow movements. The feed of recordings or telemetry can also be passed all the way to your chosen devices.

Is it worth it, over a recording doorbell?
The short answer is Yes – you will never get the same quality images from a recording doorbell and they are static, so can’t follow the movements of cars or people, or record number plates in the same way.  (The long answer is here).

If you would like to talk more about CCTV or any aspect of your security system, or take advantage of a no obligation consultation, please get in touch…

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