Components of a Home Security System

Know more about each of the components of a home security system and find out if you have the right ones in your home. Installing a home security system is one way to protect your home from burglars and other criminals lurking around. Newer models do not just provide surveillance from CCTVs and security from alarm systems, there is also the

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HD CCTV Brentwood, CM14

If you are thinking about installing a home security system, HD CCTV is a great option to add to your system.   The pictures here were taken from one of our customer’s home. There had been a string of break ins in their area and they had decided to upgrade their analogue CCTV camera to a group of networked HD IP

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HD CCTV installation in Great Dunmow, Essex

Mediacoms specialises in security systems including HD CCTV installation and service. Crime is on the increase, and home and business owners alike are protecting their properties by installing security systems. However, one of the common problems with home security systems is the picture quality of the videos. In fact, studies suggest that 90% of pictures produced by CCTVs are of

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Security System Buying Guide

Installing a home security system is a good way to burglar proof your home. Home alarms and CCTVs have become more in demand in recent years as homeowners are becoming more concerned with crime and safety. Studies have shown that homes that are installed with security systems are only a third as likely to be burgled compared to those that

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Commercial Alarm System

A commercial alarm system is essential to keep your place of business safe and secure. Commercial Alarm System All businesses depend on physical assets – from computers to employee files, to the furtniture. No business needs the disruption brought about by theft or vandalism. Installing a security system can help prevent this. A more advanced commercial alarm system will not

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How to Maintain a Smoke Alarm

Want to know how to maintain a smoke alarm? Read our easy tips below. Smoke alarms are meant to warn you if there is smoke coming from a fire in your home. Having a smoke alarm installed in your home can save your life. Learning how to maintain a smoke alarm will help ensure it actually works when you need

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Buying A Smoke Alarm

Buying a smoke alarm is a great investment. It not only protects your home, but also your family. Smoke Alarm Shelling out some cash for a new smoke alarm is definitely worth it. Smoke alarms are designed to automatically detect fire in your home and give of an alarm, giving your time to leave the home before the fire gets bigger.

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Smoke Alarms

Learn more about smoke alarms and why you should have them in your home. Statistics There is an estimated 600,000 fires in the UK reported annually. An average of 17,000 are injured from these. There are also about 800 deaths. Of these reported fires, 50,000 happen in residential buildings – that’s an average of 140 in a day. These fires kill 500

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Common Problems With Home Security Systems

Learn more about the common problems with home security systems before getting one installed. There are plenty of benefits of a home security system. The peace of mind it gives, among others, has more and more homeowners deciding to get one. While getting one installed in your home may make you feel safe from burglars, there are certain things that

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Benefits of a Home Security System

Want to know the benefits of a home security system before installing one? There’s more than a handful!   Installing an alarm system can be costly (depending on how big your home is, and the type of security system you are getting). Know what the benefits of a home security installation are here.   Benefits of a Home Security System

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