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Integrated Reception System

Learn more about the integrated reception system, how it works and how you can benefit from it. Integrated Reception System An integrated reception system (IRS) uses one aerial cluster to broadcast multiple sources of signals to multiple receivers or outlets. IRS can supply signals from terrestrial television, FM radio, digital audio broadcast (DAB) digital radio and satellite TV. IRS is typically used as a communal TV system for for communal housing areas such as apartment

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Communal TV System

Do you need a communal TV system? Mediacoms can help you get it set up. Communal TV System A communal TV system is commonly used in multiple dwelling units (MDU) to avoid installing a dish or aerial in each unit or flat. It is also being used in new communities of single dwelling units (SDU) where a satellite dish or aerial is proscribed by a planning agreement or design code, or when the reception is

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TV display in office canteen in London

Do you need to put a TV display in office canteen? Mediacoms can help you get that done. Any type of entertainment is always greatly appreciated in the office. The canteen or cafeteria is one of the communal areas in your office where people can take a breather, chat with colleagues and grab a bite to eat. A TV placed in office canteen is a great entertainment idea for your employees. TV Display in Office

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Mobile Satellite Broadband

Looking for a mobile satellite broadband? We can help you. Who says you can’t have internet when you travel or when you live in a mobile home? MediaComs offer a wide range of mobile satellite broadband services that will fit your needs and your lifestyle.  You can choose from a wide variety of satellite internet plans that Mediacoms has to offer, that will allow you to have internet access wherever you go. It can be mounted on trucks, mobile

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Satellite Broadband Internet

Do you want to get satellite broadband internet installed? Are you confused about which satellite broadband internet subscription to get? Call us at MediaComs and our support staff will be more than happy to serve you. Which Satellite Broadband Internet Provider to Choose It takes a certain amount of research when shopping for necessities – from clothes to food and even internet connection. As a consumer, we always want to make sure that we get

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