Benefits of HD CCTV

Are you wondering about the benefits of HD CCTV compared to those of normal CCTV cameras used for home security systems?

Benefits of HD CCTV

HD CCTV is becoming more and more popular, but many homeowners are also wondering the same thing you are: what makes them different? Is it worth it do upgrade your CCTV camera to high definition?

Yes, there is a difference between your traditional IP CCTV camera and the new high definition models. Let us look at some benefits of HD CCTV and then you can decide whether you want to upgrade your alarm system.

  • It IS high definition. The videos and images that an HD CCTV camera produces are clearer and better in quality. The video footage is more “life- like” and are better for surveillance use. The video will not lose any quality or get compressed as it is processed and displayed in your LCD screen, or saved your hard drive.
  • HD CCTV installation is not a difficult process at all. It is easy to make an upgrade if you already have an analog CCTV. HD CCTV also uses many accessories that are already being used by its analog counterpart.
  • There is no lag time or noise as it is 100% digital.
  • It also better zero recovery.
  • There is lower latency when zooming in on the picture.
  • It does not use IP and you will not run into any bandwidth or network problems.

Perhaps the only challenge consumers will have with HD CCTV is that it is more expensive than analog versions. It also requires an HD DRV. However, you will also need fewer cameras in your property because HD CCTVs have a wider high definition coverage. So really, when you think about it, the benefits of HD CCTV outweighs the price you pay for it.

If these benefits of HD CCTV have convinced you to make the switch, call us and we will help you with the installation and any other questions you may have.

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