MediaComs: 30 years of combined experience in providing the best audio visual, network and security installations in North London

In recognition of our superior professional service, a property owner recently hired MediaComs for an audio visual, network, and security installation in North London. Having the installations done by MediaComs simultaneously offered maximum efficiency and convenience in terms of manpower, time and compatibility/interconnectivity of the equipment that are to be installed. Another advantage of having the audio visual, network and security installation of all these electronic equipments at the same time and by only one contractor is the convenience of knowing who to call when you need assistance for repairs or upgrading your equipment. 

Another satisfied MediaComs customer of an audio visual, network and security installation in North London

Audio Visual North London

Network North London

During the start of the final fix of an install in North London where we installed all the Audio Visual equipment, Network, CCTV, & Security Alarm. Our team of professionals ensured that the installation will respect the integrity of the structures within the property and that the aesthetics will not be encumbered in any way.

Security North London

installation North London

Security North London

Our team of professionals ensured that the wall TV mount installations were done in a manner that respects the aesthetics of the room. They also made sure that the integrity of the structures are not compromised in any way. All the mounts are properly attached to the walls and will support the flat screen TVs. There are no visible wires, thus keeping the rooms clean and uncluttered.


Mediacoms securityMediacoms North London

Audio Visual, Network, and Security installation in North London

For this install, CCTV cameras of proven quality were installed to enhance the security of the property.  Note that the outdoor CCTV cameras are of the same colour with the ceiling where it was installed, keeping them unobtrusive to it’s surroundings. They made sure that the video from the CCTV cameras are properly relayed to the wall mounted TV. This will ensure the safety and convenience of the family residing in the property.

 cable rack mediacoms

To provide seamless integration between all of the equipment in this audio visual, network, and security installation, Mediacoms provided excellent service in setting up the connectivity between the routers/server and the electronic equipment in one elegant and easy to access package.

For an exceptional service in Audio Visual, Network and Security Installation in North London, call MediaComs today.

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