13 reasons why you need the new Sonos Arc

If high quality sound in your home is your thing then you’re no doubt counting down the days until 10th June when the Sonos Arc finally ships. After all, it’s the premium smart soundbar that takes Sonos to a whole new level – combining everything that’s great about the Playbar and Playbase and adding a whole lot more. If you’re still on the fence as to why you need the new Sonos Arc in your life, here are thirteen reasons why…

1. It’s one of a kind – especially when it comes to sound quality

Custom elliptical woofers and angled side tweeters come together to make up some of the 11 high performance drivers which deliver an impressive bass and overall vivid detail.

2. It delivers sound, but not as you know it, with phased array

Sound comes straight to your ears from all directions at just the right moment through the Arc’s phased array, which brings more realistic 3D audio. This combines with upfiring waveguides which send the sound up and around your room, giving a new sensation of height and adding to the immersive quality of whatever you’re watching or listening to.

3. It gives you 3D sound right in your home with Dolby Atmos

Is that a whisper behind you? An explosion beneath you? In terms of sound, with the Arc, the answer is yes, as the Dolby Atmos capability brings every detail to life in a different way.

4. It adjusts to your specific room size and acoustics with Trueplay™

You may be thinking how can a mass market product like this get the sound just right for my home? And that’s a fair question. The answer is in the tuning and software which allow the Arc to adapt and optimise the sound to the unique acoustics of your room, while correcting the height channels so the sound that you hear is better calibrated.

5. It looks great

This probably goes without saying, as it’s a Sonos. Available in black or white, the Arc can be wall mounted or placed beneath the TV without distracting from what’s on the screen, and the EQ adjusts depending on which position you choose.

6. It adjusts its look to complement your room

The LEDs featured on the Arc adjust automatically depending on the brightness of your room, so that they are still visible but don’t distract from what you’re watching. Clever, eh?

7. It’s compatible with your existing hardware

That is to say that the integrated IR lens makes it so that you can control the Arc with your current TV remote – even from across the room.

8. It not only delivers Dolby Atmos, but HDMI too

Bringing richer sounds, it supports Dolby Atmos and high-bandwidth codecs while still being backwards-compatible with HDMI eARC. There are big benefits to this outside of the uncompressed audio transmission, and they include a simpler connection between devices and advanced control which isn’t limited to your remote control, but also your voice.

9. You can stream right from your WiFi

If you like your music and more streamed, you can listen to it through WiFi to the Sonos Arc and expand your sound system by adding more Sonos speakers.

10. You can create a more immersive home cinema experience

If you want to take the sound of the Sonos Arc even further, then you can wirelessly connect a sub and a pair of Sonos speakers, to take that cinema at home feel even further.

11. It’s not just for movies – it’s great for music too

You can stream music, podcasts radio or anything you like from any service you choose with the Sonos app or Apple Airplay2 when the TV is off.

12. You can control it with your voice

With Amazon Alexa and The Google Assistant built in, you can use your voice to play your music, get your questions answered, check the news, or the weather, or anything else that you may wish. If you’d like it to stop listening, you can mute the microphone for privacy and feel sure that it is switched off by the dimming of the LED light.

13. Or control it with a tap

The top of the soundbar is full of all the controls you’ll need to skip tracks, pause, play or adjust the volume and group rooms, so you can tinker with your fingers, too.

We are proud to be the only Sonos retailer and installer in the Bishop’s Stortford area. Available on pre-order now, the Sonos Arc will be shipping to us from the 10th of June. If you’d like to get on the list to order yours and enjoy films and music in a whole new way, get in touch.

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