Wireless Security vs Wired Security

To use wireless security vs wired security: are you uncertain with which one to get? Here are some helpful tips.


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Are you stuck in the middle of making an important home security decision? While wired alarm systems are known to have better security, wireless alarm systems are becoming more and more popular. Lets take a look at some important factors to consider before buying either one.


Wireless Security vs Wired Security


Money and Purchasing

  • Wired Systems : These usually require setting up an appointment and getting an estimate. One of the hassles you may have to endure is talking to the sales person and going through many up sells. However, wired systems are generally cheaper to purchase and maintain.
  • Wireless Systems : These are easier to buy because it can be done over the phone, online or just at the store. However, they can also be more expensive than wired systems.

Installation and Time

  • Wired Systems : Installation will most likely take a few hours. You will need to pre schedule an appointment and an installer do the work for you.
  • Wireless Systems : Most wireless systems will allow you to do the installation yourself. Because it is less complicated in terms of networking or wiring, you can install it faster too.


  • Wired Systems : The control board for most wired systems is usually in a closet or hidden location in the house like your basement.
  • Wireless Systems : A wireless system’s control board is usually located near the entrance of your home. This can be either beneficial, or it can be dangerous. If you have family members who have specials needs such an elderly or someone who has disability, they can easily access the control board. It can be switched on or off with the use of a remote control. At the same time, a burglar can also access it easily. Smashing the control board will disable the alarm altogether. The benefit of accessibility for wireless security vs wired security will depend on your and your family’s needs.

Mobility and Portability

  • Wired Systems : Because they are “wired” it is not easy to move this system around.
  • Wireless Systems : These are portable and can easily be moved from one location of the house to the next. If you are moving to a new home, doing renovations, or you simply decided to move things to another room or floor of the house, you can easily do these with a wireless system.


In the past, wired systems were thought to be more reliable than its wireless counterparts. Studies showed that a wireless alarm has a higher probability of sending false alarms. Technology has advanced greatly since then and today, there is very little discrepancy in the performance of wireless security vs wired security systems. A lot of this will depend on the brand of the system, and the model you will choose to buy.


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