We installed this wall mounted tv with trunking with home cinema system and wii. Mediacoms specializes in installing TV sets to the walls of your home to make watching TV a viewing pleasure.

TV and the LED/LCD versionwall mounted tv

The TV is the result of the hard work of many engineers and inventors dating as far back as 1873. What used to be a black-and-white tiny box has evolved to a colored version. The TV can now also be connected to your camera, DVD player, gaming device, camcorder, speakers, and the rest of your home theater system.

One of the latest and most popular type of TV that has hit the market in recent years is the flat screen or LCD TV. Light crystal display television sets have become widely popular because they are thinner, lighter and available in bigger sizes.

A flat screen is usually a wall mounted TV. The reason behind this is because the screen is flattened, the viewing angle is usually a challenge. By getting a wall mounted TV, this problem is eased. Viewing angle is important so that you can maximize watching TV without sacrificing brightness or color.

The installation

As you may already know, the Internet offers a wide variety of self-help websites that will teach you how to install your wall mounted TV by yourself. Although this option may be cost effective, there are many dangers in doing this.

By doing the installation yourself without having the correct training, you may potentially be opening your home to fire hazards. This may come from the wiring that you hide in your wall, or positioning the TV on a part of the wall that may hit your heating or electrical system. You may also want to consider that your insurance company might treat this as negligence.

Installation of a wall mounted TV is usually a two-person job, too. Handling or mishandling the package can put the item’s warranty at risk.

MediaComs has years of experience in installation of various types of TV sets. We also follow government-enforced policies such as the Construction, Design and Management (CDM) Regulations of 1994, Confederation of Aerial Industries (CAI), and the Health and Safety at Work Ac of 1974. This way you can be assured that your wall mounted TV is installed safely for your convenience.

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