Stress Sensors

Typically, a home security system uses four types of sensors — glass breaking sensors, stress sensors, motion detectors and panic buttons.  These four sensors are essential in one’s home security system.  By combining these four, you will be able to effectively detect intruders in your property. It can alert a monitoring company about a break in and it can record when it happened and where exactly it happened and these pieces of information can be very useful in prosecuting a perpetrator.

Stress Sensors as an Added Security

Stress sensors are used to effectively protect your home’s interior. This type of sensor is triggered once they are stepped on. They are usually placed underneath rugs or carpets and can even be placed under floor joists.

These sensors can be calibrated so that it will require a certain amount of weight for it to be activated. This is to ensure that no cat or dog will be able to trigger the alarm.

This serves as an added protection just in case the intruder was able to get past the external security. With a good combination of an exterior and interior security, any criminal will be caught for sure.

Installation of Stress Sensors

If you want your properties and valuables protected while you’re away, consider installing a home security system.  Choose a system that will fit your home and your housing conditions. There are some models that prevent intrusion and some will prevent burglary from happening. Some security systems causes the alarms to activate and alert a monitoring company of a suspected presence.

Today, alarms generally operate wireless or wired.  To make the system effective, the positioning of the sensors are crucial so are the kinds of sensors that you install.  The zones that are most susceptible to intrusions must be given greater priority, and most importantly, don’t hesitate to seek help from a experts.

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