Are you planning to upgrade your house into a smart home?

Smart Home

What is a Smart Home?

Also called home automation, a smart home brings all your electronic devices under one point of control. It can include virtually anything in the home – from your lights to your aircon, your washing machine to your home theatre system, etc.

Is it really useful?

How many times have you reached your office and suddenly got worried that you might not have locked the main door? Or that time you were on vacation and couldn’t remember if you turned off the stove? Or the coffee maker? Or the TV? With home automation, you can take care of all of these using your smartphone or tablet. You can use your phone or tablet and connect them to your home appliances so that you can remotely control the latter.

Is it useful? Yes. It provides comfort, convenience, security and can even help you save energy. If there are elderly or disabled family living with you, having a smart home can help improve their quality of life at home even without the help of a caregiver. In recent years, even more home appliances are becoming “smart”.

Smart Home Tasks

Here are some tasks that can be included when you automate your home.

1) HVAC –  You will have access to control the temperature an humidity in the house, or in a specific room. Remote controls can be done using the internet, a smartphone or a tablet. Some systems will also allow you to open and close windows.
2) Lighting – You will be able to control electric lights in the home, including using a time cycle or sensors to turn the lights on when someone is in the room.
3) Audio visual – Control your home theatre system remotely and distribute audio or video to multiple rooms in one click.
4) Shades – You will be able to control the blinds or curtains to adjust to the temperature or brightness in the room, or use sensors to adjust them automatically.
5) Security – Your home alarm system can be incorporated in your home’s automation so that you can get alarms on your phone when there is a burglar detected or when someone opens the main door.

Smart home can now also include pet feeding, yard watering, as well as using domestic robots.

Turn your home into a smart home with help from Mediacoms.

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