Panic Buttons

Have you ever thought about installing panic buttons at home?

MediaComs is the name to trust. We have years of experience in setting up different security systems in several homes.

Panic buttons are devices that are built into residential or commercial security system. When panic buttons are activated, they notify emergency or help-aiding personnel. There are two types of panic buttons.

Medical Panic Buttons
Used when a disabled or incapacitated person gets hurt and they might need to notify a medical personnel in the event of emergency. It can also be worn as a bracelet or a necklace, typically waterproof and shock proof.

Security Panic Buttons
This is set up so the police or security monitoring company is notified when intruders pose a threat to the homeowners.

How Panic Buttons Work

Panic buttons are often placed near the cash register and sometimes under the counters. This allow the employees to quickly and quietly inform the authorities in case there is a robbery or a suspected violent behavior.

Because of the movies involving crime, panic buttons are mostly associated with banks and other financial institutions. The truth is, it is used in different businesses and organization. Schools have it as an extra precaution. Gas stations, restaurants. offices and even pharmacies are just some who may be at risk of robberies and break ins.

How important are they? Do you need them? It is always advisable to have a security monitoring system especially if your business has several employees and processed goods. A panic button is a one time purchase that is very easy to install and will contribute a lot to the safety of your property and personnel.

Your safety is MediaComs’ concern. There are several security systems available but you don’t have to worry because we will help you select the best one for you.

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