Motion Detectors

Have you ever come home at night and find yourself stumbling on your front door because you can’t see the path? Bid goodbye to those days with the help of outdoor lights with motion detectors.

A motion detector is an electronic sensor that detects movement within the vicinity. When activated, the lights are turned on. Motion detectors are used to detect a presence and therefore also used as part of the intruder alert system.

Uses of Motion Detectors

The main use of a motion detector is to ensure security — your security in your own yard or garage and the security of your homes from unwanted visitors. Once the motion detector identifies that someone is approaching, the light is immediately turned on, scaring the potential burglar away. Let’s face it. There is hardly a thief that would barge into someone else’s property in broad daylight. And even if they pass through the motion detectors in the morning, they will be noticed by your neighbors if they are going to try to break into your homes.

Another additional benefit that you get from having a motion detector is convenience. Because the light is immediately turned on, you wouldn’t have to fumble for your keys in your bag or look for the light switch at the front porch. Even your visitors will appreciate it. They would no longer struggle in finding the doorbell in the dark.

Motion detectors come in different models, colors and shapes. You can also choose whether you want a motion detector that operates on batteries, radio or electricity.

Where to Install Motion Detectors?

Install the motion detectors in strategic places in your property. You can have them in your garage to prevent you from tripping on your kid’s skateboard or bicycle. You can also have them in your gardens to illuminate the garden path and catch those kids who are stealing your roses. Or you can even install them in dark hallways in the basement. The possibilities are endless.

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