Infrared Alarms

Do you plan on installing infrared alarms inside or outside your homes?

MediaComs can help. We can install any type of security systems so you can feel safe and secured.

Infrared Alarms

One great way of protecting your property is the installation of infrared burglar alarms.

The system consists of detectors that can activate an alarm when it’s triggered. The motion alarms use invisible rays that acts as a protection from intruders. Once it detects motion or once the rays are disturbed, the sensors will trigger an alarm sound or a light device. Wireless infrared alarms are most often the most practical option. They are easy to install because it doesn’t need any extensive wiring work.

Why Infrared Alarms

More and more people choose to install infrared alarms for several reasons. One of which is its versatility. It is one alarm system that can be used inside and outside the house. They have small detectors that can be easily mounted in different parts of the house like the ceilings, lamp posts and even trees.

It is very reliable because it can detect body movements. It is sophisticated enough to detect pets and not to be set off by your pets’ movements inside the house.

Infrared devices can determine the temperature inside the room and if there are changes in it. It is able to detect changes in temperature that are not climate related. If for example, if someone walked in the room, the alarm can be set off because of the shift in body temperature.

At a relatively low cost, anyone can install an alarm system that can provide the protection you need from intruders whether it may be at home or at any commercial buildings and establishments.

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