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home theater installations

What is a home theater?

A home theater is simply what it is — a theater built in your own home. The objective of getting a home theater system is to have the same, if not higher, quality of viewing and entertainment.

The two biggest differences between a regular TV experience and a home theater system are the sound quality and the picture. The surround sound system is a lot better, and the picture is clearer and better.

There are several other terms that may be used interchangeably with “home theater” or “home theatre”. Below are some of them:

  • Home Cinema – This is a room in a home that is set up with audio visual entertainment system that reproduces a commercial movie theater.
  • Backyard Theater – This is a popular set up during barbecues and pool and garden parties. Depending on the space and set up of the backyard, this theater system may be temporary or permanent.
  • Home Theater In A Box (HTIB) – This is an integrated complete theater system. It includes a Video / DVD / Blu -ray Disc player, an amplifier, wires of the speaker, cables for the connections, a subwoofer, a set of speakers and a remote control.

Home Theater Installations

The world wide web abounds with do -it -yourself tips and self -help videos on how you can install your home theater system yourself. If you have the basic knowledge on electronics, this job can come easy.

Here is an example of a how -to video you can find online:





However, if you do not consider yourself to be techie, attempting to do this job on your own is a big risk. You nay be damaging the media units, and possibly costing more money in repairs later on.

Mediacoms has a team of well experienced engineers who can do your home theater installations for you.

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