HD CCTV installation in Great Dunmow, Essex

Mediacoms specialises in security systems including HD CCTV installation and service.

Crime is on the increase, and home and business owners alike are protecting their properties by installing security systems. However, one of the common problems with home security systems is the picture quality of the videos. In fact, studies suggest that 90% of pictures produced by CCTVs are of poor quality. If you can’t use the picture after, is your CCTV doing its job?

HD CCTV stands for high definition closed circuit television. This technology transmits uncompressed high definition digital video for surveillance applications.

HD CCTV installation includes transmission technologies that are reliable and convenient, and specifically developed to aid in transporting HD surveillance videos. Generally, these can transmit videos of 720p to 1080p quality over RG59 cables that are at least 100 m.

If you wish to upgrade your current CCTV system, HD CCTV installation does not require significant modifications. The original coaxial cables for the analog system need not be replaced because they have a lot of data spectrum available. Simply replacing the camera and recorder will allow you to get videos with almost seven times higher detail compared to your original system.

In the pictures shown here, the Mediacoms team was tasked with creating a bespoke closed circuit security system for a 3 story town house in Great Dunmow. All areas that can be accessed by the public needed to be covered, with the ability to remotely access the high definition cameras via a mobile device from anywhere. The cameras also needed to be accessible in the main home cinema room. All cabling needed to be as discrete as possible because the house is a rented property. The PoE HD eye ball cameras were mounted well out of reach with all CAT 6 cabling hidden where possible.

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The main entrance and side access where covered including the home driveway and public roadway.


driver cover


multi angle view

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