Glass Breaking Sensors

Enhance your home security system by installing Glass Breaking Sensors.

You may have installed burglar alarms or motion detectors but sometimes your home is still vulnerable to an intruder who’s breaking in through your windows or your glass doors.  The sound of a breaking glass can make a loud noise.  However, there is still a possibility that the door or window sensors will not be able to pick it up and activate the alarm.  This is where glass breaking sensor sare needed.

Types of Glass Breaking Sensors

A glass breaking sensor is a kind of electronic burglar alarm that can detect if a glass is broken or shattered and it has two main types.

Shock Sensors
Detects vibrations that are generated by breaking glasses, similar to the one used in car alarms.

Acoustic Sensors
Detects sound waves that are caused by breaking glass.

How it works is pretty simple.  When glasses break, the vibrations or the sound waves are detected by the sensors therefore activating the alarm.

Both types can either be hardwired or wireless and come in different designs depending on your preference  It is often mounted on the wall or the ceiling and it can cover at least 20 feet away in all directions as long as there are no walls or doors blocking it.  Because they can cover such large space, they can be triggered by any sound that can be mistaken for a breaking glass.

Glass breaking sensors are best installed in a room with oversized windows, glass doors or the storefront windows.  Regardless of the design and the type, both are especially created to detect an intruder trying to break in even before he has actually entered the premises.

With MediaComs, your safety is our priority.  We have trained professionals who can quickly enhance your security systems and teach you how to properly use it.

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