Getting Started With Your Home Automation Installation

Home automation installation should be as easy as 1-2-3

A lot of people dream of having a smart home, but get intimidated when they confront the idea of home automation installation. MediaComs can help you achieve your dream of having a smart home in the most efficient, professional and cost-effective manner. To make the process easier, there are a few things to consider:

What type of home automation installation do you want for your home?

There are many smart home system available, such as PC-based systems, the standalone system, and a combination of the two which is defined as a hybrid system. After making your choice, you can then start to design your home automation installation.

Factors to consider in designing your home automation installation

Choosing between a wired or wireless home automation system –  There are systems that makes use of the wiring inside your home to facilitate communication between the components of your system. Primarily, these components are plugged in to electrical sockets or connected directly to the wiring system. Wireless systems rely on RF (Radio Frequency) technology and requires no wiring to communicate between components of the home automation system.

Choosing your controller unit – What functions do you want to automate in your home? Do you want to control the lighting? How about your home security? Or, maybe some of your kitchen appliances? These must be considered early on in the planning stage of your smart home. The system will depend largely on the controller unit that you will need in order to control the components of your home automation system.

Choosing your automation interfaces – There are a lot of interface options that you can use to manage your home automation system. There are touch screen modules, key fobs, remote controls, and voice activated modules that you can buy and incorporate within your home automation system. Your choice of interface may be dependent with your budget, the number of components to control and the ease of use that you prefer.

Things to keep in mind when planning your home automation installation

Do your research – It is important to know the basic technology behind home automation. Try to find out information about the systems and the components that are available out there can help you lessen the cost and protect your investment when a new technology comes along.

Spend only on what you need and  ensure compatibility between components – Home automation is constantly evolving. By making sure that your products will be backward-compatible with emerging industry technology will avoid the issue of having to change or buy future products when you want to expand your home automation system.

Are you still having second thoughts on home automation? Just call MediaComs today and avoid the hassle and the stress of home automation installation.

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