Get properly trained engineers to install your TV aerial or satellite to make sure you do not get damaged cable eventually.


Mediacoms engineers completed the repairs needed on the cables in this home. There was water damage on the cable.

damaged cableWhat is a cable?

The dictionary definition is: “an assembly of electrical conductors insulated from each other but laid up together (as by being twisted around a central core)”, according to Merriam Webster.

One of the most important uses of electric cables is to carry or transmit electrical current. Electric cables are used for various purposes in almost any industry – televisions, radios, telephones, internet, operating elevators, escalators, and other devices that use electricity.

Improper handling of electrical cables can lead to damaged cable

A water damaged cable, such as the one shown in the picture, can cause serious dangers. If the damage comes from flood water, toxic waste such as chemicals, oil and sewage could well cause contamination. The water, especially salt water, can cause corrosion and is also conductive.

When a cable is damaged, the cable and the equipment can be replaced. However, to ensure that the damage does not occur at all, the area where the cables will be placed must be assessed during installation to see if there is any risk of flooding. The government regulates the safety precautions to be followed in case cable get immersed in water. These are outlined in Regulation 522–03–01 of BS 7671. According to this: A wiring system shall be selected and erected so that no damage is caused by condensation or the ingress of water during installation, use or maintenance.


Mediacoms has properly trained personnel whom you can trust to handle your cable needs. Call us now and we will repair any damaged cable you may have in your home.

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