Burglar Alarms

Are you planning to install burglar alarms within your premises?

A burglar alarm is a security system installed that is designed to detect unauthorized entries in certain locations. It can be used in commercial buildings, residential, industrial to protect the owners from theft or property damage. Just like any security systems, burglar alarms can range from small ones to a more complicated multi-area systems that comes with control and computer monitoring.

Burglar Alarms Sensor Types

Most burglar alarms use on or more sensors to detect intruders and an alerting device.

Passive Infrared Detectors
One of the most common detectors that works by detecting changes in temperature. This type of sensor can be mounted to a wall or ceiling.

Microwave Detectors
This is often used together with passive infrared detectors so it will not trigger false alarms.

Photo-electric beams
Detects intruders by transmitting infrared light beams.

Glass break detection
Mostly mounted close to the glass panes in order for it to capture sound frequencies that are related to a glass breaking.

Vibration or Inertia sensors
Used to detect an attack on a specific structure. These are very reliable and have low false alarm rate.

Passive magnetic field detection
Can either be buried on the ground or installed at the top of the wall. This type of sensor uses an electromagnetic field generator powered by wires that are connected to the signal processor.

Fibre optic cable
The cable can be attached to the fence or the steel tape that are already on top of the walls and fences. once disturbed, the receiver will detect the amount of light received and therefore alerting the homeowner or business owner.

The kind of system and sensors that you choose depends on the property that you want to protect. We at MediaComs want you to feel safe and secure that’s why we’re here to help you with your decisions and complete the installation. We will ensure that the system is fully functional and we’ll teach you how to operate it.

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