Booster InstallationAre you thinking of having a booster installation? We can help.

MediaComs is a company that provides a wide range of aerial services in London and Essex. We can work on projects like aerial installation and booster installation as well as aerial repair and replacement.

Our latest project was to install this 6-way booster at Bishops Stortford Herts CM23.

A booster is also known as as an aerial amplifier. It is installed in order to improve your digital TV reception especially in areas where the Freeview signal is weak. This usually happen because there are several obstructions like buildings nearby. If for example the downlead is good then you can improve the signal strength by by changing its direction or getting a higher gain antenna. If you already have a good signal however it is of small amplitude then getting an appropriate booster should do the trick.

Types of Booster

There are several boosters available in the market and each one of them have different applications:

TV Distribution Amplifier. This is used to split a TV aerial output in order to feed up to 8 television sets inside the premises.

Indoor TV Aerial Booster. This type of aerial is used to boost your Freeview TV signal. However, this should not substitute a good quality outdoor aerial.

Masthead TV Amplifier. This type of booster is mounted close to the aerial and so far, this is the best one that can boost your TV signal. They are weatherproof so it is suitable to use outdoors and they are best used in areas where the signal is weak.

Whatever type of booster you choose to install, we highly recommend that you hire a professional to do the job so you get the best results. With MediaComs you can be sure that only licensed and trained people will work on the project. Call us today.

We are your partner in booster installation.

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