Want to know the benefits of a home security system before installing one? There’s more than a handful!


Benefits of a Home Security System

Installing an alarm system can be costly (depending on how big your home is, and the type of security system you are getting). Know what the benefits of a home security installation are here.


Benefits of a Home Security System

  • Scare off burglars. Studies show that homes without home security systems are likely to be burglarized three times more than those homes with professionally monitored security.
  • Lower crime rate. Another 2009 study also showed that as the number of homes with security systems increased one residential area, the number of burglaries decreased even for those homes without a security system. Having a CCTV in your home will also be an important evidence in case a theft or other crime is committed in your home. If you have CCTVs facing the street, you may be able to capture crimes committed outside your home.
  • Monitor service personnel. Installing cameras around your house allows you to monitor people you have hired and given access to your home (i.e. cleaning crew, carpenters, gardeners, contractors, etc).
  • Remotely manage your home. Depending on your provider and the type of security service you have, you will be able to monitor cameras installed in your home, arm and disarm the alarm system, control the thermostat, door locks, lights and other devices in your home, or use a panic button to provide a response to the security company. You can easily do all these from your tablet, smartphone or an internet browser.


You may already know the benefits of a home security system listed above, but there’s more. Here are some lesser- known benefits of a home security system:

  • Home insurance discounts. Most insurance companies give a discount to homes that have home security systems installed. Most of them provide up to twenty percent discount.
  • Monitor your kids whereabouts. Not only can you monitor the cameras in your home even while you are at out, some systems can provide more parent- friendly features. Foe example, you may be able to request for a text or email message to be sent with an optional video attached when you children come home. You can provide different PIN numbers to each member of the household so that your security system can monitor logs of what time each person leaves the house or comes home. You can also set a time in your system of when your kids are expected to come home, and if they are not home then, an alert will be sent to you. Other systems can also monitor electronic usageby using the sensors in the home to track what time the TV was turned on or when they entered the living room. This is especially useful during weeknights when children are expected to complete their homework and be in bed early.
  • Prevent water damage, gas poisoning and fires. Your home security system can also detect detect smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, freezing temperatures, and rising water. You can opt to install water or flood sensors in areas where water leaks are likely to occur.
  • Reduce your energy bill. You can set up your system so that it detects if nobody is in the room and automatically turn off the lights and other electronics. Some systems can also detect the room temperature adjust the heater or air conditioner accordingly. You can also get a smart thermostat and outlet so that you can turn off devices in the home that you may have forgotten to plug off before leaving for a trip.
  • Help and monitor senior citizens and persons with medical needs. If a family member is a senior citizen or has special medical needs, you can set your alarm system to notify you if they have been in the bathroom for too long, or if there had been no activity in their room for a certain period of time. You can also set your alarm system to automatically adjust the temperature, close the windows, lock the doors and turn the lights off.


Perhaps the greatest of the benefits of a home security system is the peace of mind that it gives you. The feeling of safety will make you more confident, productive, healthy and focused.


The benefits of a home security system outweighs its price. If you choose the security system that is best suited for your needs, you will truly get your money’s worth. Call Mediacoms today and let us help you so you can reap the benefits of a home security system.

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